Beyond Volun-Tourism – Mark Felsher

Beyond Volun-Tourism – Mark Felsher

Episode #31 – Mark Felsher

This week we are joined by Mark Felsher of Raleigh, NC. Mark shares the amazing stories of his spiritual life and about the work that he has been involved with in Guatemala. To learn more, please check out his Facebook page below…

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You will notice the new music at the end of the podcast. This is a new feature where we are going to highlight the music of disciples. This week we hear Amerisees by Progress (a.k.a. Reggie Holmes of Northern Virginia). It is off of his album The Progress Report. Special thanks to Progress (Reggie) for letting us feature his music. You can check him out at his link below…Enjoy!

Please send any show or music ideas to Thanks!

The Progress Report by Progress…report/633662020