BT-Are You Popular?

Q: What do you think makes people popular in today’s society?

Q: If Jesus were alive today – would He be popular? Why?

Luke 4:14-15

Q: Does it sound like Jesus was a popular guy here?

Q: Who are some popular people of today?

Q: What would you do if you were that popular?

[v. 16-22]

Q: What kind of message did Jesus preach here? (Positive or Negative?)

Q: What are some popular things that are preached in religion today?

[v. 23-30]

Jesus was in His hometown.

Elijah was not accepted in his hometown either – had to go to Naaman the Assyrian and the Widow at Zarephath.

Jesus was telling them that they will not accept His message.

Q: Does it sound like Jesus’ preaching here was very popular?

Q: What are some unpopular teachings today in religion?

John 15:18-19

Q: Can you be a popular Christian?

Challenge: Don’t worry about being popular. Follow Jesus even when it’s unpopular. Study the Bible!

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