BT-What Are You Looking For

Q: What is something that you can look for, but is hard to find?

Acts 8:26-31

Q: What kind of guy do you think this Ethiopian Eunuch was? What was his personality like?

Q: What do you think he was looking for?

Q: Where did he go to get what he was looking for?

Q: Do you think there are a lot of people today that are like this? They are looking for something?

Q: Where do a lot of people go today to find what they are looking for?

Q: Why was he having a hard time finding what he was looking for? (Couldn’t understand scriptures)

Q: What do you think stops people today from understanding the scriptures?

[v. 32-39]

Q: Does it seem like the Eunuch found what he was looking for here?

Q: What is his response after he finds it?

Q: Do you think in the mind of the Eunuch – This whole thing was a coincidence? Was it?

Q: Why do you think God sent Philip to him and not to someone else?

John 4:23-24

Q: What is God looking for?

Q: What does it mean to worship in spirit and in truth?

Q: How does God seek after people? (Sends other people)

Q: How do you know if God is seeking after you?


Q: Has God been opening up a door for you – and you keep not walking through it?

God might be opening up a door for you that will lead you to what your really looking for!

Choose to take the opportunity to get in the scriptures with someone!

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