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douglas1.jpgAtlanta, 6 September 2017

Greetings from Atlanta! I’m back from Denver, after a great Youth & Family conference. The spiritual focus was healthy, and the elders and other overseers of the Denver Church of Christ did a terrific job making everything fit together, run on time, and meet the needs of a broad spectrum of Youth & Family leaders and ministries.

Most attendees came from North America, but I also met many from South America, Africa, and Asia. For me, the fellowship was the best part. About 20 participants came from Atlanta. It was surprising and encouraging to meet so many of them on the flight home.

My talk was well attended. If you’d like to listen, you’ll find it in the audio files for dozens of conference classes. My title was “Knowing the Times: Parenting in Post-Modern Society.” (Note: other versions of lessons on Postmodernism’s impact, shorter than the Denver lesson, plus a complete Powerpoint, are at my website.)

Clockwise: Colorado, Denver’s state; Alejado family; friends from our old Maryland ministry (1990s); the stunning Rockies; fellow teacher John Oakes + Paul & Gordon of IPI (Houston); Anthony & Evelyn So (Hong Kong).


We truly appreciate your interest in the International Bible Teaching Ministry, your words of appreciation, and your continual support. Next week there’s another book I’d like to share with you, hot off the press.

Your brother,

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