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  • Amazing Fighter Pilots GoPro cut

    Cast: DToday Video […]

  • ICOC 3.0 Voting Results (subtitled in English)

    The voting results of the ICOC 3.0 proposals after a year and a half of deliberation by thousands of leaders around the world. Produced by ICOC HotNewsCast: DToday VideoTags: ICOC, International Churches of Christ, ICOC 3.0 and Delegates Meeting […]

  • A Worshiper of God by Caroline George – Bangalore, India and Tammy Fleming – Kiev, Ukraine

    Lydia was a worshiper of God and the Lord opened her heart to respond to the message. Immediately after her baptism she boldly entreated Paul and his companions to stay at her house. Are we calling the worshipers of God to respond to his message and become women of great faith? To boldly take initiative and make a difference?Cast: DToday Video […]

  • What Boldness Looks Like by Nelson Barreto – Santiago, Chile and Chris Reed – Stockholm, Sweden

    The boldness captured in the book of Acts was not a boldness of human origin but of God. In Acts 4, as the persecution ramped up in intensity, the disciples rose up to meet the challenge through greater proclamations and more powerful times of prayer. Peter’s words resonate to this day, “For we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard.” And of course later in this chapter the disciples gathered to pray and, “...the place where they were meeting was shaken.” This class will examine the need for bold characteristics to be evident in our efforts to evangelize the world.Cast: DToday Video […]

  • Winning the Leaders of Tomorrow - Tom Brown, Atlanta and Flavio Uribe, Bogota

    Saul was not the most likely candidate to be a disciple. Yet this man who had been breathing murderous threats against those who followed the Lord could not resist the presence of Jesus, Paul would go down in history as one of the most influential of Christian leaders. Our churches need leaders today who will influence a whole new generation. The presence of Jesus in our lives can change even the most intimidating of non-believers. Let us model Jesus as we convert and raise up leaders who will change this world. This class allows us to sit at the feet of some who are seeing great victory in raising up a new generation of leaders.Cast: DToday Video […]

  • Voting Results and Continental Updates

    The initial voting results before the runoff vote. Inspirational Continental Reports on what God is doing among us around the world.Cast: DToday Video […]

  • Next Steps 3.0 Task Force Presentations

    Next Steps – Task force plans for implementation o Ron Quint, Coordinator o Communications – (5 min.) Justin Renton o Global Missions – (5 min.) AT Arneson o Finance – (5 min.) Dan Liu o Conflict Resolution – (5 min.) Walter Evans o Structure – (5 min.) Dinesh GeorgeCast: DToday Video […]

  • Throughout All Generations - Doug Arthur & Kevin Miller, Boston, MA

    Walking with the next generation to lead.Cast: DToday Video […]

  • What We Have Seen and Heard - John and Carol McGuirk – Paris, France

    One sermon on Pentecost turned the world upside down! A great number of people believed, were cut to the heart and baptized. What can propel such an unimaginable event? Peter, who stood up and spoke, was a different man. The power of the Holy Spirit had transformed him to preach with such boldness and clarity that the response of those who heard was miraculous. This same Holy Spirit, is also within us today. Allow Him to stir us and may our testimony save thousands!Cast: DToday Video […]

  • PART 1 - The Women Who Prayed: They All Joined Together Constantly in Prayer

    Anne-Brigitte Taliaferro – San Antonio, TX Tess Fontenot – Sydney, Australia Jesus was and always has been on the cutting edge of empowering women in the ministry. Both in the gospels and in Acts women play a prominent role in the ministry of Jesus. The early chapters of Acts describe the power of prayer among the disciples. The women were a part of the spiritual force coming from prayer. This class will center on what it means to be a spiritual woman. What is the role prayer plays in setting the ministry up for success? How can prayer be a more effective way for women to serve in empowering the work of the ministry?Cast: DToday Video […]

  • PART 2 - The Women Who Prayed: They All Joined Together Constantly in Prayer

    Anne-Brigitte Taliaferro – San Antonio, TX Tess Fontenot – Sydney, Australia Jesus was and always has been on the cutting edge of empowering women in the ministry. Both in the gospels and in Acts women play a prominent role in the ministry of Jesus. The early chapters of Acts describe the power of prayer among the disciples. The women were a part of the spiritual force coming from prayer. This class will center on what it means to be a spiritual woman. What is the role prayer plays in setting the ministry up for success? How can prayer be a more effective way for women to serve in empowering the work of the ministry?Cast: DToday Video […]

  • The Good in Every Problem - Tomm and Laurie Wilson – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    The Detroit Turnaround Story...Acts chapter 6 presents the development of a significant problem in the early church. As the church continued to increase in number, some of the needs among the disciples were overlooked; the Grecian widows were overlooked in the daily distribution of food. As this potentially damaging problem was addressed God moved to raise up leaders, meet the needs and continue to see the church grow. Good can come from the problems we face in the ministry. This class will focus on the principles that can help guide leaders to face ministry problems with faithfulness and resolution and then watch God move in powerful ways to bring resolution and victory.Cast: DToday Video […]

  • Knowing Our History - Restoration and the Story of Us

    Andy Fleming – Kiev, Ukraine Ed Anton – Hampton Roads Why was Stephen so bold before the high priest? It was because he knew his people’s story and how the early church fit into God’s plan. This class will explore how we, as a movement of disciples of Jesus, with our restoration history, fit into God’s plan. What helped us to grow in the early years? How can we learn from our history and also be creative as we look with vision to the future? This class will explore our history and connect that story to our continuing vision to impact the world to the Glory of God.Cast: DToday Video […]

  • Priscilla and Aquilla - Patty Asaad – Dallas, Texas and Leanne Martin – Granite City, New Hampshire

    Priscilla labored side-by-side with her husband to advance the gospel. In every reference after their initial introduction, she is mentioned first and takes an active role in the ministry and in teaching. This class will explore how talented women can augment their partners by boldly using their gifts. What does an empowered women’s ministry role look like in today’s world? What are the best practices we see in women’s ministry in our fellowship? This class will explore the power of a spiritual woman’s presence in the ministry.Cast: DToday Video […]

  • Why Do You Stand Here - Getting Our Churches Moving

    Mike Fontenot – Sydney, Australia and Dinesh George – Bangalore, India The opening chapter of the books of Acts is filled with very relatable and very human responses to the situation at hand. As the resurrection begins to sink into the hearts of the disciples they find themselves wondering about the vision, wondering about what will happen next and some are even doubting. At one point, as Jesus ascends into the sky, the disciples are confronted with a question, “...why do you stand here looking into the sky?” This may be the greatest rhetorical question ever asked! The insinuation is that it was time to get going. Using this amazing chapter, this class will speak to a leader’s motivation, how to get things moving when they are stuck and how to capture a vision that inspires others to move forward.Cast: DToday Video […]

  • Unless Someone Explains it to Me- Building a Powerful Teaching Ministry

    Gregg Marutzky – Antelope Valley, CA Steve Kinnard – New York, NY Acts chapter 8 describes a remarkable moment where Philip is led out into the desert to meet an Ethiopian Eunuch reading from the book of Isaiah. At one point the Ethiopian asks Philip to explain the scriptures to him. Romans tells us, faith comes from hearing the Word. It is a powerful thing to develop a strong teaching dynamic in our churches. From teaching and training future leaders to expounding on God’s Word to maturing disciples, a teaching ministry can solidify the conviction and faith of the church. This class will explore the benefits of developing a teaching ministry. How can this ministry be used to strengthen the church and attract those seeking to understand the Bible?Cast: DToday Video […]

  • The Power of Your Personal Ministry - Sajjan Sharma – Springfield, MA and Mulligan Price, Belfast, Northern Ireland

    Opportunities to change the world don’t always come with great events, usually they occur during normal, daily activities such as praying and creative ministry approaches. Peter and John are given an opportunity to preach Jesus during the course of a normal day. As leaders in God’s kingdom, we can not only change the lives of the lost for eternity but also motivate our churches to great growth during the course of normal, daily events.Cast: DToday Video […]

  • My Story – Cameron Shelly, Denver, Colorado

    Cameron Shelly shares how his faith has helped him overcome paralysis from a football injury.Cast: DToday Video […]

  • The Influence of Paul- Defining Relationships In and Out of the Church

    Daren Overstreet – Seattle, U.S. and David Noronha – Mumbai, India As Peter and John step off the pages of the book of Acts, Paul and his many relationships step in. How can strong leaders develop relationships that glorify God and move the kingdom forward?Cast: DToday Video […]

  • "The Man from Macedonia: When a 'NO' Becomes a 'YES'" – Sam Powell, New York and Mohan Nanjundan, London

    Paul had dreams and visions. On this occasion he was not disobedient to the vision of the Macedonians, but concluded that it was the Spirit of God calling. Many times when our plans are denied we ask why without waiting to reach the end. Because of Paul’s obedience, the jailor and Lydia together with their entire families became Christians. This class will help us learn to trust God even when it doesn’t make sense.Cast: DToday Video […]

  • Peter’s Transformation - From Denial to Pentecost

    Todd Asaad – Dallas, TX and David Pineda – La Paz, Bolivia For the first 10 chapters of the book of Acts, Peter is a prominent leader and integral part of the development of the early church. Peter’s courage, his faith, his sacrifice and his preaching set an example that inspire us today. However, Peter went through a transformation. In the 50 days from the death of Jesus to the day of Pentecost, Peter was transformed into the great man of God we see in Acts. This class will examine Peter’s transformation from the denial of Jesus to the undeniable man of faith who could not help but speak about what he had seen and heard.Cast: DToday Video […]

  • "Forward by Faith - Pleasing God (Acts 15)" – Harliem Salim, Jakarta, Indonesia

    God communicates his overall will to us with power and clarity but we don’t always know the exact path he has planned for us. Uncertainty can paralyze us with doubts and anxiety, but the early disciples did not let confusion stop them. They allowed differing opinions and conflict to temper and strengthen their faith. The confusion and conflicts of Acts 15 proved to be a pivotal time that moved the early church forward by faith.Cast: DToday Video […]

  • Culture, Race, Bias and the Gospel: God Wants All People to be Saved

    Chris Ogbannayo – Lagos, Nigeria, Losha Kravets – Kiev, Ukraine, Alexey Zhuravlev – Moscow, Russia, Michael Burns – Minneapolis, Tamara Grossett – Phoenix Like the world of today, in the world of the early church there were cultural influences, religious perspectives and biases that the disciples had to overcome. In Acts 10 ,God grabs the attention of Peter and through a trance-induced vision, destroyed the dividing walls between the Jews and Gentiles. For the Jewish disciples, Acts 10 eventually brought the realization that the Gospel would have unlimited reach across all nations. This class will honestly address some of the cultural phenomena we are facing in the world today. From tribalism in Africa, to military conflict on the Russian and Ukrainian borders, to race relations in the U.S.; what are the cultural pressures we must overcome to more effectively proclaim the gospel? What are the biases, stereotypes, and other entrenched beliefs that we can eliminate to love more in a way that saves as many as possible.Cast: DToday Video […]

  • "None That Were Needy Among Them" – Dan and Elexa Liu, Hong Kong, China

    As Luke moves to the end of chapter 4 and into chapter 5 he describes the continuing effectiveness of the disciples in their outreach and the escalation of the hearts of the disciples to be sacrificial. As a result, it was said of the church, “There were no needy persons among them.” This class will examine how we can strive to make these same claims. Is there a connection between powerful evangelism and meeting the needs of others? How do we reach parts of our mission field that pose huge obstacles? What are creative ways to find ourselves impacting the lives of others? These questions and more will be explored in this class.Cast: DToday Video […]

  • "Led by the Holy Spirit (Acts 1)" - Rafael Lua, Los Angeles, California

    In the book of Acts we see a people who were intent on moving forward no matter what it took. And indeed the only way to move forward is by faith, not knowing what to expect yet believing it will be life changing. Their need for the Holy Spirit before going out was so important that Jesus told his disciples to wait in Jerusalem. Jesus had prepared them for the comforter mentioned in John 14 and 16. They were to wait to be filled with the Holy Spirit’s power before going out to witness. The Holy Spirit showed up in Acts chapter 2 and the rest is history! The apostles and the added members went on to experience amazing feats by the work of the Holy Spirit. The book of the Acts of the Apostles is sometimes referred to as the Acts of the Holy Spirit. This class will enable the leaders to realize the need and the ensuing impact of the Holy Spirit in their lives.Cast: DToday Video […]