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douglas1.jpgAtlanta, 30 August 2017

Good morning from Atlanta!

In today’s newsletter my sole objective is to promote a truly excellent book written by a respected friend.

The author is Ron Highfield. Through the years I’ve read a stack of books on leadership and the Christian woman, but none as concise as Ron’s. Four Views on Woma54a6b39-5d3f-4108-8cd7-3a36d6f45156.jpgen and Church Leadership, published by Sulis International, is a slim volume — without fluff or any unnecessary information — and can easily be read in a sitting or two.

Highfield approaches the subject through a creative discussion among persons holding different views on the woman’s role. The interactions are interesting and refreshingly comprehensive. Each section also includes insightful discussion questions.

I recommend that anyone with leadership responsibility in the church, Christian women and men, get hold of a copy and prepare for their thinking to be challenged. Mine was. And after reading Four Views I ordered 200 copies! Click on the image to order from the publisher — unless you’re in the Atlanta area. (In which case, see you at church!)

079e196f-dc15-49d1-8a8a-e1cffe348865.jpgNext stop, Denver!

Tomorrow I fly to Denver for the 2017 Family Conference. More on that next week. In the mean-time, God bless, and thanks for your continual support.

Your brother,

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