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douglas1.jpgAtlanta, 13 September 2017

Hello! We hope this update finds you well, growing in the Lord, or moving closer to a decision to make Jesus Lord. Either way, thanks for receiving this update.

Many of our newsletter recipients are big readers. (Even if not, hopefully the weekly bulletin is still helpful.) Here’s a new book.

d9e6449c-5bb8-4bec-b79f-f790dfbb73ae.jpgHot off the press

Our parenting book The Quiver (2005) has been rewritten. Not only does it have a new cover, but also a new title. In addition, the contents have been revised and streamlined for easier reading. (All those endnotes are no more!)

The new title is Principle-Centered Parenting: Christian Parenting in a Non-Christian World. Publisher: IPI Books.

To order, just click the image.

Would you write a review?

Last, part of the funding for the international teaching ministry comes from book sales. My literary agent advises me that we desperately need to get reviews of the books up at Amazon, GoodReads, and elsewhere:

If you’ve read Answering Skeptics (2017) and liked the book, would you please write a review at Amazon? Or reviews for any of the other titles out there (there are a lot)? If you can do this, let me know so I don’t miss it. In fact, if incentive helps, post a review at all three sites and (afterwards) I’ll be happy to ship you the book of your choice. (That is, one of my own.) Thanks!

One last matter: the 2018 Israel Tour is open for early registration. Would you like to join us next October?

Your brother,

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